How to Add Your Energy Manager Certification to LinkedIn

Ready to win more projects this 2018? Consider polishing up your LinkedIn profile first. After all, the energy management market calls not only for experienced energy managers, but also highly trained ones. Oh, and of course every energy manager certification should be recent and up to date. Certification programs for energy managers are one way to achieve this, and maybe you already have a few under your belt. But do you know how to add your energy manager certification to your LinkedIn profile? This post will walk you through the process step by step. Let’s go!

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Why You Should Add Your Energy Manager Certification to LinkedIn

Even if you’re a recent graduate and new to the world of energy management, it’s unlikely that you have never heard of energy manager certifications. It could also be the case that you have been doing energy management all your life, but you never really had time to look into getting certified.

On this blog we’ve already talked about how to become a certified energy manager and discussed different types of energy manager certifications. One of the most popular ones is the “CEM – Certified Energy Manager“. It also happens to be one of the most difficult to achieve.

Whether you have this accolade or have been certified by any other professional or independent entity, it is VERY important to add these distinctions to your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because any user – hint: prospect or recruiter – on LinkedIn can search other users:

  • Using keywords (for example, CEM or “Certified Energy Manager”)
  • Looking for professionals who studied at a specific university or college
  • Trying to locate professionals with specific training (“Degree in …”)
  • Searching by the specific name of a certificate

How and where to add the certificates to your LinkedIn profile to appear in these searches? Let’s find out.

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How and Where to Add Your Energy Manager Certification on LinkedIn

To appear in the maximum number of searches, here are 3 places you can add your energy manager certification on LinkedIn:

1. In Certificates

Step 1: Open up LinkedIn and go to your profile:
energy manager certification

Step 2: Scroll down to the Accomplishments section and click on the blue + button to add a new certification, choosing the option from the dropdown list

energy manager certification

Step 3: Complete the information and click on the blue Save button to add the new certification to your profile

2. Include your energy manager certification in your headline

Your headline is not the same as your position, and it’s actually best practice to make sure they are different.

Including your certification in the headline is actually a very common practice among certified energy managers, as you can see here:

energy manager certification title

Here’s how to add yours:

Step 1: Open LinkedIn and go to your profile.
Step 2: Click on the Edit profile icon to the right of your photo:
energy manager certification
Step 3: Edit your headline by adding the name of your certification.
energy manager certification

3. Create an article about your energy manager certification

LinkedIn articles are great because they get prime real estate on our professional profile. Right after our basic data you can see the posts that have been published:

Why not write a quick article about your energy manager certification? If you’re stuck for ideas, you can write about:

  • When and how you got certified (the process, difficulty ….)
  • The benefits of hiring a certified energy manager like you
  • Advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a particular energy manager certification

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how:

Step 1: Open LinkedIn
Step 2: At the top of your feed, you’ll see a box from which you can share status updates. Click the button on the left to Write an Article:

Step 3: Let the creative juices flow! Don’t forget to add a nice high-quality image (here is a handy list of some original and free sources you can use). And now, time to share your masterpiece with the rest of your network!

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