Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Energy Managers

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Energy Managers

So your Secret Santa is the Energy Manager. Oh man… What on Earth are you supposed to gift that eco-nerd?

Or maybe, you have a geek energy pro among your loved ones and you already got them that LED-light up jumper, and are out of ideas…

We’re here to help! Here are 10 perfect gift ideas for energy managers for all budgets, sure to make your efficiency guru happy on Christmas morning!

5 Gifts Ideas for Energy Managers for €0 (or less)

1. Switch Off All the Things!

Oh yeah. He or she has probably nagged you soooo many times…

But they nag with the best intentions! Think about it: in your office, switching off your computer screen (or putting it to sleep) when not in use can save your business up to £75 per computer per year… money that can be spent on a little extra Christmas cheer 😉 *wink wink nudge nudge*
virtual energy audit

2. Virtual Energy Audit

Is your energy manager always complaining about how expensive on-site, old-school energy audits are? This year turn their frown upside-down with a virtual energy audit report: it’s called DEXMA Detect.
You’ll get a report with a virtual energy audit, full of key figures your energy pro will love like:

  • Savings potential (in kWh and Euros)
  • Pricing benchmark (to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your energy buck)

Plus, if you get your DEXMA Detect report during December, you’ll get a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card worth $50!
Energy Grader giveaway

3. Energy Project Financing Guide

What better gift could a cash-strapped energy manager receive than knowing how to secure a bigger budget for his or her 2017 energy projects? That’s what we thought. Get the free guide here.

4. Free Trial of World-Class Energy Analytics Software

Does your energy manager’s day-to-day involve a mess of Excel spreadsheets or super slow and outdated on-premise software to take care of your organisation’s energy needs? (If you still don’t know why SaaS is way better than on-premise for energy management, this is a must-read).

Pass them this demo link to try DEXMA Energy Intelligence Platform, the #1-rated Energy Management Software on Capterra.

For 30 glorious days, your energy manager will experience ultra-fast SaaS nirvana, and you’ll be the one they’ll thank later!

5. Hardware Learning Kit with Free-to-Download resources

From defining a proper metering strategy to defining a winning hardware plan, we have dozens of free-to-download resources to help busy energy managers stay updated and learn about hot topics in the energy industry.

Check out our free energy learning resources, go to your preferred downloads, get the pdfs and create a Christmas virtual learning package!

5 Gifts Ideas for Energy Managers – From €1 to €300

Following our awesome ideas at zero cost, let’s try not to be Mr. Scrooge this Christmas and consider some gifts that will make any energy manager smile:

1. Solar Backpack

Help your energy manager get out from the office without fear of losing power. How? With a solar powered backpack!

These bags are every traveller’s dream: you can charge your phone as you walk around sightseeing since your power source follows you everywhere!

And, of course, using the most powerful and endless renewable energy: solar. Image: Array solar backpack by Voltaic Systems, 379$.

2. Philips HUE: intelligent multi-coloured LED light system

Energy efficient Christmas lights are a great holiday gift for energy managers, who love all things LED! But remember: don’t expect them to use them like us mere mortals…

Why not invest in the intelligent home lighting system HUE by Philips?

This energy-saving gift will make any energy geek’s house look magnificent thanks to its multi-coloured twinkling power. Plus, you can control the lights from your phone and set up different atmospheres for different moments or sync the lights with Christmas movies or carols. Clark Griswold would be proud.

The starter kit is priced at £150 and is available on Amazon.

3. Eco Energy Toys

This one will delight not only your energy manager but also his or her kids! Select Solar Gadgets offers a huge selection of toys to build together for some quality eco-energy family time this season.

4. Energy Manager T-shirts

One of the main problems of the energy managers is the lack of visibility of their work. Put a stop to it with a triple-whammy T-shirt thats boost their ego, fashion sense AND, most importantly, the important role they do everyday:

5. Christmas Solidarity

Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas: solidarity and generosity to those less fortunate. Energy poverty is an issue that affects millions of people around the world, especially during the winter months. If you already have a gift for your beloved energy manager and would like to add something extra special, try donating to one of these energy-driven charity causes in their name.

Share your good wishes with these energy causes to fight fuel poverty and make a donation on behalf of your favourite energy efficiency lover!

From all of us at DEXMA, have a very Happy Christmas!